Greedy out of touch Conservative politicians are feathering their own nest

Written by Jeff Osborn on .


What is going on at County Hall in Trowbridge?  This is the question that I am increasingly being asked, not just by my local constituents but by concerned persons across the county of Wiltshire.  And the tellingly point is that many of these people inform me that they used to be traditional Conservative voters.

They are particularly concerned as to the message that Jane Scott, the Conservative leader of Wiltshire Council, is sending out.  To these loyal Conservative voters, this message of greedy politicians feathering their own nests is absolutely contrary to the “we are all in this together” theme that the Conservative nationally are proclaiming.

First, Jane Scott massively increased -- by up to 19 per cent -- the salaries of Wiltshire Council senior staff, whilst ordinary staff were legally limited to one per cent.  This was done in the midst of hundreds of redundancies.  

Now, she has pushed through similarly massive increases -- up to 36 per cent --- in members’ allowances for herself and her Cabinet.  The ordinary backbench councillor is to receive only one per cent.

What sort of message is this to give Wiltshire people in these times of austerity and ever rising utility bills?  No wonder traditional Conservative voters are worried.  So much so, that the popular Tory website Conservative Home has publicly condemned Jane Scott and her administration, as did Conservative Somerset MP, Jacob Rees Mogg.

Why have the Conservative administrative in Trowbridge allowed itself to get so out of touch with ordinary people, particularly those usually loyal Tory voters?  Is it just plain greed, or growing arrogance?  Or perhaps they have become totally isolated from the facts of life for ordinary people.

Whatever it is, it is likely that these Wiltshire Conservative councillors will eventually pay the price in the ballot box -– as the loyalty of their supporters becomes increasingly thin.


Jeff Osborn
Independent Wiltshire Councillor