Our Rabley Wood recreation playground is used every day of the year

Written by Angela Fry on .


I have just read the very first section of the pre-application statement from Manton Estates outlining their proposals for the recreation area at Rabley Wood, Rogers Meadow and The Thorns, Marlborough.

According to the proposal, the area is ‘not very well used, unsuitable for many forms of recreation’ and that it is ‘not suitable for informal activities’.  

My house overlooks the recreation area.  It is well used nearly every day of the year, by adults and children.  The children that play there do not have a problem with the slope.

As well as the football pitch that is very well used, other  games are played, kites are flown, bicycles are pedalled, dogs are walked...... and when the snow falls the field is covered in sledgers and snowman builders.  Some people just like to sit.

If the Town Council accept the ‘gift’ of the water meadows that are  below the field as a replacement for the area, then how suitable will any forms of recreation be when the water  meadows are doing what nature designed them to do – flood – as they did last winter.

I would urge anyone who uses or who has ever used the recreation area for any activity, from any part of Marlborough, to consider the loss of the field as it currently is.  The Town Council are very eager to hear our opinions!


Angela Fry