Tories desperately trying to justify huge allowance rises for Wiltshire councillors

Written by Terry Chivers on .


I have been reading with great interest emails from angry residents across Wiltshire regarding the Conservative expenses scandal.  Many of these emails are copies of replies received from Conservative councillors trying to justify themselves voting for their massive pay increases of up to 37 per cent.  That have been forwarded to me.

Most of these emails are claiming that even members like myself who voted against these increase will still be taking the increase.  This is true -- but what they are forgetting to point out that backbench members are rightly being pegged at  one per cent, unlike Jane Scott, leader of council and her magic circle of Cabinet members who will see their allowances increase by thousands of pounds.

It should also remember that it’s the very same Councillors who voted for eye watering pay increases for senior managers.  And also sacked hundreds, of backroom staff many of whom had worked for the council for many years.

However, this time the ruling Conservatives on Wiltshire Council have misjudged the mood of Wiltshire residents.

I have been following the progress of the petition calling for the resignation of Councillor Scott, and her cabinet, it seems to be growing by the minute.  And I fully support businessman Paul Gaunt, who started the people petition and would urge other local residents to support him by signing and sending a clear message to Councillor Scott and her cabinet.


Councillor Terry Chivers
Independent Melksham Without North