A difference of opinon doesn't need to be a personal attack

Written by Joy Kerton on .


What a shame that people can’t share different opinions without things turning personal.

Nigel loves everything about Marlborough and has a right to his opinions.

He is accused of selective writing but surely Mr Forbes has done the same by failing to mention that his mother is the project manager of the nature reserve and that he has been involved throughout the project.

Anyone who is interested can contact the Town Clerk to be told that the fencing around the pond sites was bashed down by the terrible weather conditions of late, (not ARK’s fault) but it was Nigel who constantly called to get the area made safe again.

Nigel is wrongly accused of being a ring leader.  He fights for what he feels is right, that is called democracy.  Is the fact that he discusses the issues with like - minded people any different to Mr Forbes ideas and thoughts being backed by fellow ARK supporters of which he is a member?

Finally, the headline suggesting that the majority of people support the project makes me wonder where these statistics come from.  Was it the time when they questioned just over 80 local people out of a population of 8,000 in the so called consultation?

Let us hope that our Town Council now gets as fired up about my husband’s letter, as Mr Forbes has, but in a positive fashion, and no longer drag their heels over what many of us feel to be important issues around our lovely home town.


Joy Kerton