Response to Harry Forbes letter

Written by Nigel Kerton on .


I appear to have caused upset by my previous letter to MNO about the lack of council action over local issues including the dangers posed by two man-made test pits in the meadow and two deep water-filled ruts left by an ARK tractor months ago.

Of course the river itself is a drowning hazard but that is no excuse for leaving three more with just flimsy plastic fencing.  Gas contractors, of course use sturdy plastic safety barriers.

A ring leader?  Well perhaps that is a compliment although it is not true.  I fight alone for issues that affect me, my family and other residents of this town.

ARK has made it clear that it is all about fish and flies and providing grazing for one of its member’s cows.

However Stonebridge Meadow is largely publicly owned with ARK (presumably a publicly accountable body) owning just 49%.

In a published letter about two years ago I challenged the then chairman of the town council open spaces committee Rich Pitts to come with me and knock on 50 doors at random and see if people were aware that a “public consultation” had taken place.  Never had a response although it must be remembered that former councillor Pitts and a number of other town councillors conveniently forgot to declare they were paid-up members of ARK.

Why are two test pits needed, just a few yards apart?  Presumably ARK expects the water table to be different in these two places!!!!!

The barbed wire is barbarous and a danger to the public because children can use this water meadow, not just ARK members.

And why am I concerned about the risk of drowning?  On a never to be forgotten day, the Spring Bank Holiday Monday of 1980 my own mother was drowned.

I would like ARK to take on board that the water meadows and river are not just about fish and birds and things that wriggle on the bottom of the river. The human race is also a species to be borne in mind.



Nigel Kerton