Jane Scott’s decision to give up her council allowances raises even more questions

Written by Terry Chivers on .


So Jane Scott, the Conservative leader of Wiltshire Council, has now agreed that it would be wrong to take her eye-watering increase in her personal allowances.

Great news but why has it taken so long for the penny to drop?  If she thinks this is the end of this issue she should think again.

She may have agreed to give up her increase, but what about the rest of her Cabinet?  Are they giving up their large increases?  There seems to be a silence when it comes to them.

Unless we reverse this decision, made at the last full council meeting, what is there to stop the next leader of council claiming these increases should Jane Scott stand down?

If Jane truly thinks she got it wrong, I would invite her to join us in voting to reverse this decision that awards these personal increases to her and members of her Cabinet.


Terry Chivers
Independent Wiltshire councillor