The voters won’t forget Wiltshire Council’s increase in councillors’ allowances

Written by Terry Chivers on .


Yet again we saw at the special Wiltshire Council meeting just how out of touch the Conservatives are with the vast majority of Wiltshire residents.

They had the chance to reverse the decision that could see some leading councillors receive increases in allowances of 22 and 37per cent.  It was clear that once again the Conservative whip was on with only a few daring to support us in reversing this decision.

However, it was very disappointing to see some Liberal Democrat members joining with the Conservatives to push these increases through, with the leader of the Lib-Dems, Jon Hubbard, joining with the sole UKIP member in abstaining.

Many of the public took their democratic right to turn up and speak and listen to the debate.  It was appalling that some members of the ruling Conservative Group decided that they would jeer and shout when the public where addressing the council.  They should be ashamed of themselves.

The Conservatives may have won the vote on the day, but the residents of Wiltshire will not forget.  Its only three years to the next council elections while the General Election is next year and the Euro elections are a matter of days away.


 Terry Chivers,
Independent Wiltshire Councillor