Our thanks for saving the treasured White Horse bookshop

Written by Colin and Mari Gratton on .


Marlborough is famous for its interesting High Street where many independent shops flourish alongside some well known national names.

We congratulate Robert Hiscox and Brian Kingham for ensuring The White Horse bookshop survives and will hopefully flourish in the future.

It is our wish that Angus Maclennan, the new bookshop manager, will bring a touch of Waterstones and Hammicks experience with him and ensure that a welcoming environment coupled with an all-round variety of books is on offer -- some bestsellers at discount prices would help as well.

 The competition is fierce on the High Street as well as from the online retailers.  However, by  forging stronger links with schools, holding more book fairs together with continued involvement with the Marlborough Literary Festival will, we hope, ensure more customers use this Marlborough treasure in the future.


Colin and Mari Gratton