We will have to stump up 15.49% more tax to pay for the Town Council's absurd CCTV project

Written by David Thornton on .


When I wrote to you on 6/11/2013

"Will we have to stump up 18% more tax to pay for the Town Council's absurd CCTV project ?"

I was hoping it would not be true.

But yes it is and our Councillors have blamed the removal of the Wiltshire Council grant on the tax rise for Marlborough residents.

As we know, although some minor savings have been made in the budget for 2014-15, the obvious saving that should have been made was scrapping the cctv project.

Councillors were told that the majority voted in favour of the cctv proposals in a "public consultation".

Unfortunately the results of this consultation were flawed, in that many more than Marlborough registered voters were able to vote and anyone wanting to vote more than once could do so on-line without any problems.

This left the un-audited consultation result completely corruptible and thus invalid.

Pity the Councillors failed to point out in the consultation brief, that voting in favour of cctv could lead to an eye-watering 15.49% increase in Council Tax precept.  I wonder if respondents in favour of cctv realised that they were voting for a tax increase.

No has yet explained to me why, with Wiltshire crime falling year on year, Marlborough having the lowest crime rate in the area and still we are "the only town in the area without cctv" why anyone would want to pay for it.  Apart from local businesses of course, whose contribution to cctv funding is risible.

But, as we have done every year recently, the residents of Marlborough have had to couch up to rebuild the Councils reserves, only then for them to spend it on this cctv vanity project.

Who are the Councillors representing? Clearly businesses rather than residents. The recent polls showed only 30% of registered voters cast their ballots in the East Ward Council election. Not much support for the Council then.

Wringing their hands and trying to deny the blame for the increase, Councillors have done little to minimise the impact on residents and could have done so by saving £35,000 on cctv, plus its ongoing costs over years to come, with then no discernable impact to the services provided by the Town Council.

The Councillors we elected are to blame for the rise. Lets remember this at the next election.

Yours faithfully,

David Thornton