Wiltshire Council Tax increase 0% for 2014-15 - Marlborough Council Tax increase 15.5% - Spot something odd here?

Written by David Thornton on .


Yes it’s that time of year again.  The 2014-15 Council Tax bills are coming through our letter boxes and guess what - they confirm a huge 15.5% rise in Marlborough Council Tax for 2014-15.  

While Wiltshire tows the party line from Conservative Central Office with a zero increase in Council Tax, why is Marlborough so out of step?

Well its evidently time to pay for that vanity CCTV project that most of us did not vote for, and a further indication how out of touch the majority of our councillors are.  Many of them have been there far too long and think that they can just go on increasing the Council Tax, year on year - with little to show for it.

Councillor Nick Fogg MBE is right, “the council has made the wrong decision”, “the cameras are to be in the High Street, which is virtually a crime-free zone”.

Today, crime in Marlborough is the lowest of any town around and crime in Wiltshire generally has fallen year on year.

So why its necessary to take money from the Councils reserves to pay for this flight of fancy?

That is presumably why they had to decide on the CCTV project in a secret meeting of the Town Council.  So much for the democratic process!

Let’s see how they explain all that away.

The Councillors we elected are to blame for this Council Tax rise. Lets remember this at the next election.



David Thornton