Solar Farm at Wroughton will not destroy any fields or farmlands

Written by Talis Kimberley on .


For shame, omitting to mention from this article that the site in question is at the Wroughton airfield, now the Science Museum's storage facility, where antique hangers too unsafe for the public to visit cluster around long-disused runways.  Your article strongly implies the destruction of green fields and farmland, and that is simply not the case here.

This is a brownfield site, and furthermore, the majority of those who live in the area seem to be in favour of the solar farm.  Personally, I'd find shiny mirrors interspersed with wildflowers, bees and sheep rather a desireable use of the space.  By contrast this Government appears to want to make fracking something that happens absolutely anywhere the companies involved wish, irrespective of local opposition.

So when does localism apply?  When the people of Wroughton want local clean energy?  Apparently not.

When those who also love the countryside but who do not live in the area object to such a scheme through large organisations?  Apparently so.

What about when the oil companies want to come fracking the green fields of Wiltshire?  Forget it.  You only have the right to say 'yes' to them.

After all, the environment is something that happens somewhere else, isn't it?  It's not like we all breath the same air or anything... cough cough...


Talis Kimberley
Swindon Area Green Party
Prospective Borough Candidate for, and resident of Wroughton