No Easter bonnet for Tesco as it fails its “every little helps” promise

Written by Brian Rayment on .


We all remember the big fanfare when Tesco came to Marlborough with all their big promises to support the local Community blah blah blah.  How things change, as my current experience demonstrates.

At the Kennet Valley Hall in Lockeridge, one of the annual fund raising events is an Easter Bingo community event.  Last year the Tesco “Community Champion” Sarah Hart was very helpful and gave us a number of Easter Eggs in support.

A request to support this year`s event on April 16th has been a very different story.

I wrote a very polite letter to Sarah`s successor on February 4th asking whether they would support us again.  Gave my email address and telephone number – Nothing !

On February 14th I sent the so called Community Champion an email asking whether he had been able to consider my request – Nothing !

On 21st February I sent a further email politely asking for any response so that I knew where I stood – Nothing!

By this time I am feeling quite insulted by this lack of courtesy so decide to write to the Tesco Marlborough Store General Manager drawing his attention to the lack of response.  This I did on March 3rd  -  NOTHING!!

Although almost too late to seek alternative sponsorship,  I decided to write to Morrisons in Marlborough High St.  Only two days later I receive a personal phone call from a very courteous member of staff offering a contribution for the event!!  

Who`s the Community Champion now.  Make up your own mind !!

Every little Counts!



Brian Rayment