Stonebridge Meadow - The big picture

Written by Tony Reader on .


I would like to amplify the comments that I made at the Parish meeting for those who were not present.

Firstly I would like to quote from an e-mail that I sent to all the councillors in Jan 2014:-  "I would like to make it clear that I believe ARK has done much good work over the years for the good of the river health in particular the on-going pressure to reduce water abstraction".  Also "I feel that the large number of volunteers who willingly do a lot of work are being misled".  This full e-mail has been forwarded to Marlborough News Online.

At the meeting I commented that the unnatural islands built downstream from Stonebridge were an eyesore and only for fishing interests [trout spawning].

The oft quoted [by ARK] "beautiful" River Kennet has been made unsightly in one of the very few areas where public access is possible.  This I discussed with the ARK director about a year ago and she said that if she was doing the plans again she would not include islands.

With regard to the master plan [Dec 2012] many details have been changed, eg. pond sighting, gates, seats, hedges etc.  This leads one to assume that anything may be changed without much thought or consultation.  I ask councillors and ARK committee members to come to the meadow and discuss details.

I hope your correspondent will realize that I am not sniping but just concerned that a lovely wild space has lost its wildness by "management" without much or any external consultation.

That is the big picture.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Reader