Stonebridge Meadow - not previously Webber's Meadow

Written by Janet Louth on .


Regarding your report of Nigel Kerton's comments concerning the name of Stonebridge Meadow originally being Webber's Meadow, I think his information is incorrect.

According to David Chandler's book - 'Place Names of Marlborough' - Webber's Meadow was "to the west of Stonebridge Lane and south of the river" and now part of the T H White site.  It was known by this name in the early part of the 20th century because Mr. Webber a local butcher owned the land.  The field would have been used to graze cattle bought at market before going to the slaughterhouse in Angel Yard.   Mr.Webber was Mayor in 1928 and 1940."

Place names do change over the years, Bath Road was known as Bristol Road until 1705.

Perhaps information should be checked before requesting a name be changed to one no local residents would recognise.


Janet Louth