Champagne for the councillor who creates a Marlborough residents’ parking scheme

Written by Val Compton on .


You report Wiltshire Councillor Paul Oatway calling for Marlborough itself to embrace a residents’ parking scheme.

That is the most enthusiastic comment I’ve heard in years, the man should be knighted.

I’m thinking of sending him my 15-year-old file of attempts to achieve such a scheme for Marlborough residents. If he has the magic wand to wave his way through the quagmire of documentation that Wiltshire Council have produced in order to put such a scheme in place, I will buy him a bottle of Champagne on the day the scheme commences.

Of course he will have to wait till January 2015 now to get any request on the list, having carried out a consultation exercise of every resident and business, whether or not involved, and reach Wiltshire Council’s target of replies.

But my hopes are pinned on him. I have all the necessary maps, he can use the zoning scheme I had to work out, but am happy to share the information and will even tie it up to look the part, with several miles of red tape.

I’m now going to hide and scream very quietly, whilst gently rocking – Basil Fawlty style.


Val Compton,
(Cars, Residents & Marlborough Parking)