Wiltshire Council is causing turmoil stepping out of line on its statutory duties

Written by Tony Molland on .


My experience as a former lead member on the County Fire Authority leads me to suspect that the Wiltshire unitary authority is attempting to interfere in business matters outside its statutory remit.

Councillors appointed to the authority are there to manage solely the affairs of that authority. Wiltshire councillors, from your report, give the impression that they are not independently in control of its business affairs, and it looks like a hidden agenda is being implemented by the ruling Conservative Party in County Hall.

The council’s Director of its Transformation Programme is suddenly departing Wiltshire Council without explanation. This senior officer was responsible for overseeing the creation of three new council hubs in Trowbridge, Salisbury and Chippenham, following the hostile, but successful bid, to replace the district councils some years ago.

Unfortunately, the chief executive was also removed by the council Leader a few years ago.

Such was the concern of the three corporate directors with this matter, they have issued a joint statement… “We would like to reassure the council that the Transformation Programme is a key area of our work and arrangements are being made to ensure a smooth transition of roles and responsibilities. These will be published when they have been finalised.”

Turmoil in County Hall? It looks very much so. After more than five years, it seems the Wiltshire unitary authority has still not successfully absorbed and reorganised the former committee-run district councils.


Tony Molland
Devizes Constituency UKIP Association