Wiltshire Council faces strike threat after one per cent staff pay rises

Written by Councillor Terry Chivers on .


It’s looking very likely that hundreds of Wiltshire Council staff will want to walk out on strike on July 10 after being offered a mere one per cent pay rise.

Since 2010 council pay has gone up by just one per cent, and Wiltshire Council are still refusing to pay the living wage. It should also be remembered hundreds of front line staff have been sacked and services cut.

Yes times are hard, and we are always being told we are all in this together, but can you blame Wiltshire Council staff if they walk out? After all, they have had to watch Councillor Jane Scott’s, cabinet members receive record increases in allowances.

Councillor Scott was to receive a record 37 per cent increase but turned it down at the last minute due to public outcry, and after Eric Pickles urged her not to take the money. We all remember him on TV saying,” Don’t take the money Jane”.

And to add to it all they have had to watch, senior officers of Wiltshire Council being awarded gut-busting pay increases.

All in all, who can blame staff for being angry, and demanding a decent pay rise?

Not everyone will agree with me but I know how hard most of these backroom staff work, and as I have already said often not even for the living wage.


Councillor Terry Chivers