I’m astonished village taxi-bus being given a parking ticket in Marlborough High Street

Written by Councillor Terry Chivers on .


We all know that our hardworking traffic wardens, don’t have an easy job to do. Most do their very best to keep the streets clear of parked cars in a fair manner, not only issuing tickets but giving advice to local motorists who may be thinking of parking in an irresponsible manner.

After all, it’s not only bout giving tickets often a friendly word is all that’s needed.

However when walking through Marlborough, High Street today (Wednesday) I could hardly believe just what I was seeing. The taxi-bus that runs from the town serving the local villages was being given a parking ticket for parking on a bus stop to pick up passengers.

I stood back and watched in total amazement, as the driver tried to explain he was due to depart in 10 minutes, and he was about to pick up passengers. But the traffic warden went on to explain this wasn’t good enough, as he had left the seat of his bus, so the ticket would stand.

I would hope that this poor driver would appeal, against this ticket, and common sense will prevail. But what a pity, that just that little bit of common sense didn’t prevail in the first place.


Terry Chivers,
Independent Wiltshire Councillor