Figgins Lane - clean for one day. Why not every day?

Written by Gillian Watson on .


After I moved to River Park earlier this year I was horrified by the amount of rubbish on Figgin’s Lane, one of the most used pedestrian pathways in the town.  

I asked Councillors and the Town Council Office when and how often it would be cleared.  The answer I received was that it is a Wiltshire Council responsibility but nothing happened until the day before the Town was to be judged for the Britain in Bloom Competition last week when I saw one man in a yellow jacket working at the High Street end.

By the end of the day the litter and much of the debris had disappeared and it was a pleasure to use the path.

However, every single day since I have picked up some items from the following list: - food bags from a well known bakery, plastic drink bottles, cans, sweet and chocolate wrappers, cigarette packets, receipts and leaflets.

Maybe, another bin is needed but surely it is not too difficult to pocket unwanted items until THERE IS A BIN before the lane becomes an eyesore again. 

We are rightly proud of our beautiful Town and I firmly believe that if streets and paths are litter free we enjoy our surroundings more and this saves money and effort clearing up to keep our town a welcoming place to live and visit.  

Surely we want local children to grow up in a clean fresh environment by all setting a good example?


Gillian Watson