Trussel Trust

Written by Nick Maurice on .


I was interested to read that the Trussell Trust has decided to give money advice in addition to food from banks.

On a recent trip to Marlborough's link community of Gunjur in The Gambia, I watched Oxfam America and Concern Universal volunteers giving out money to the poorest members of that community, a thorough assessment of need having been made prior to agreeing on who the beneficiaries should be.

The two organisations had in the past given out food to the poorest but then came to the conclusion that it was rather patronising to suggest that they knew what was best for families and that by giving money they were giving the beneficiaries choice.  The recipients might spend the money on food, or the education of or shoes for their children.  It seems that the Trussell Trust may be learning a lesson from Africa.  I wonder whether they will go the whole hog and give money rather than food.


Nick Maurice