Granham Hill proposal: totally out of order - to be REJECTED out of hand 

Written by Terry Baldwin on .



What is needed on that site is affordable housing for the young families of Marlborough's indigenous residents that need to stay here, to work here, and prevent us becoming a 'Town Waiting for GOD' environment.

There are sufficient retirement opportunities here already, I know of developments that have multiple empty flats for sale that are not exactly oversubscribed with applicants.

It is absurd to state that "The company say that about 60 per cent of the residents moving into their developments similar to this one, come from within a five to ten miles radius of the new development.”  And that "residents in later life tend to release family-sized housing, which helps stimulate the housing chain and enables young families and first time buyers to have a better opportunity within the housing market.”

The properties these potential residents from a five to ten mile radius release cannot be afforded by young families, so are gobbled up by the next layer of the 'Waiting for GOD' regime.

Didn't I read [*] this week somewhere that MARLBOROUGH is the most expensive town to buy housing?

Pity that some of the fiscal fallout from this dubious accolade can't be devoted to repairing our outrageous pavements and side roads (The Parade - Kennet Place - etc., etc.)

Terry Baldwin

[*Ed: In Marlborough News Online?]