British humanitarian aid for Iraq: a plea not to spend money on international aid when the money is needed at home

Written by Roger Mallett on .


Both James Gray [Conservative MP for North Wiltshire] and the Prime Minister have recently visited the UK Aid Emergency Supplies Depot, based at Kemble Airfield.  It has been revealed that the UK has spent £8 million on the international aid efforts, which have included an air drop from a Hercules aircraft,  over the region of Mount Sinjar in Iraq.  

While I am not underestimating the seriousness if the ongoing atrocities,  I do not believe this government should continue spending such vast amounts of money on international aid.

This country, and our own people,  are experiencing almost unprecedented times of financial hardship. Our own citizens should come first and foremost.  This is not being selfish!  It is pure and simple common sense.  

Why should we spend so much money on foreign aid, when this government appears to ignore the plight of it's own people?  

Roger Mallett