Granham Hill development: we need homes for young people in Marlborough

Written by Gillian Watson on .


I totally agree with Mrs Anne Crawley in opposing the proposed development of retirement flats on the Clarke and Rodway site on Granham Hill. 

Traffic coming down Granham Hill rarely slows or stops,  dogwalkers and children frequently cross George Lane at that point.  I would want this use to continue.

More traffic at this junction would be inevitable should the proposal succeed and I don’t think any traffic plan could be in keeping with the character of the rural aspect of the entrance to the Town from the South.  The lane to Treacle Bolley would lose its unique features if widened to suit the developer.  Do we want to see our special places eroded in this way?

I’m sure a better use for the site could be found as the site seems totally inadequate for the purpose, certainly the parking proposed is pitiful and I can’t envisage many retired persons would welcome being sited next to a busy junction. 

We need to see some more developments of affordable housing in Marlborough, such as those near St John’s School and Savernake hospital where all age groups can live harmoniously together.  This is what our existing residents want and it surely makes for better community cohesion.

For the elderly who do want retirement homes, I think Marlborough already offers a good selection and properties seem to come on the market regularly which suggests the demand is being met. Surely we want Marlborough to remain a busy Market town with activities for all and housing to meet all needs.

I agree with Mrs Crawley this proposal is for development in the wrong place and also I suggest for the wrong use.
Gillian Watson