So the Marlborough Medical Practice now has a Patient Participation Group... ???

Written by Terry Baldwin on .


My simplistic chronological experience of the deterioration of the Marlborough Medical Practice (MMP) service that my wife and I have endured since we registered at the practice following our move to Marlborough in 2005 is not addressed by the financial meanderings of their spokesperson at the last Marlborough Town Council meeting.

In summary:

When we arrived in 2005 we could get an routine appointment to see OUR doctor within two days.  A fact we would brag about to our departed friends left in Stroud.

Now, in 2014, we are told that OUR doctor (to whom, as OAP’s, we have been specially[!] dedicated) can't be seen for a routine appointment for ‘around 2-3 weeks’.

When we actually have an appointment we get to surgery on time – often by taxi or lifts from friends or LINK and we wait.

Can the MMP spokesperson really be puzzled that appointments are missed when they actually take place half an hour or more later than scheduled?  (Whilst I have not actually done it myself, I have contemplated walking out when I’ve been kept waiting for such a long time.  I am sure there are those of us with less patience than I have)

WHAT! - another missed appointment – tut! tut! - Another time waster – tut! tut! ? Another misinterpreted statistic - Oh Yes ??

Consistency should be central to the Doctor/Patient relationship.  I try to arrange an appointment with my dedicated doctor, only to get the usual response, Oh! He/She doesn't work on 'X' days……

My impression, confirmed by an inside source is that “Oh! they are all part timers !!”

This statement then poses the questions:

1. Are their salaries so generous that they only need to work part time, to our inconvenience


2. Are their duties so onerous and time consuming bought about by NHS bureaucracy that we suffer the consequences as they have to devote the time to NHS administrative duties?

On the surface it would appear that the problems centre more on their internal policies and administrative issues than on budgetary concerns.

Clarification would be appreciated from Marlborough Medical Practice as to to how more funding will actually alleviate their deteriorating service and if delivered, when their enhanced service will KICK IN?


Terry Baldwin