Is one medical practice in Marlborough enough? Here’s an answer…

Written by Jonathan Taylor on .


On the subject of Marlborough Medical Practice, I remember in late 2008 when I was served notice to leave the Dental Practice premises which constitute about one-fifth of the Medical Practice building, I suggested in writing that the partners would do better to use the space we were to vacate to focus on improving the medical service they offer the town rather than try to diversify into dentistry and to try to compete with Kennet Pharmacy as they had planned.

I still believe that to be true.

I am sure that if they had competition to provide medical services, the concerns expressed by Mr Terry Baldwin in his recent letter to you would be quickly resolved.  

I  do hope that if the proposed new development on the southern side of town does proceed, it would enable the provision of a second medical practice to serve the needs of Marlborough.

Jonathan Taylor
Savernake Forest Dental Practice