Marlborough railway proposal - a trip to cloud-cuckoo land?

Written by David Chandler on .


My heart sank when I read your report that Transition Marlborough is seeking funding for a feasibility study of reopening and electrifying a line between Bedwyn and Marlborough (PS. There was never a line between Marlborough and Bedwyn : the line went to Savernake).  Just over a thousand people signed a petition for a project estimated to cost £30 million so this is a proposal to spend £30,000 a head.

How many people are going to walk or cycle to the proposed new station ?

Probably the same number as who now take advantage of the public transport to Bedwyn (never more than two or three per journey).  There would have to be a new Marlborough car park to accommodate the passengers and this would be more like the size of the one at Didcot than the inadequate ones at Pewsey or Bedwyn.

Please could money be spent on electrifying the line to Pewsey and beyond, as well as improving car parking at Bedwyn and Pewsey rather than waste any more public money on this cloud cuckoo land proposal?


David Chandler