Crown Estate development - who would benefit? Not Marlborough

Written by Ann Johnson on .


Marlborough has terrible traffic and serious lack of parking. 200-odd new houses = 400 more cars, 400 more children in our full-up schools, 200 more families in Waitrose and waiting for doctors' appointments.

Crown Estate gives no indication of the number of affordable houses so presumably very few.

The proposed site is a mile from the town centre, up a steep footpath.  Nobody would be walking, cycling or using the infrequent buses to get to primary school or work, they would travel by car.

Marlborough's setting in an area of natural beauty would not be enhanced by large-scale new housing.  There is no southern boundary fixed and could allow building visible for miles around.

As for a hotel - how many tourists would choose to stay so far from the town, on a large housing estate?

This development would benefit only Crown Estate and the landlords who would buy many of the houses.  New homes would be more acceptable in small groups, not by swallowing up swathes of open countryside.


Ann Johnson