Crown Estate development - do we really need what is being proposed?

Written by Sara Daw on .


I would like to congratulate Ann Johnson on her letter regarding the housing proposals by Crown Estates at Salisbury road; for its clarity and support for the countryside in our area.

We are fortunate indeed to live in such an area and I believe that we need to preserve and protect it for future generations.

Green field sites such as this, are being built on across the country, subject to the inclusion in Core Strategy plans that largely, the public are still not aware of, in terms of content etc.

People need to read these public documents and get wise to what is happening.  Yes, there is a need for housing, though I seriously question the level required, and this includes the level requested per country as a whole.  Social housing is needed, most certainly, and I too am interested in the proportion allocated in these two proposals, but not on open countryside, and not on good arable land, badly needed to feed such a burgeoning population.

I walk this area daily;  know it very well; and love it accordingly, from the wild footpath filled with chattering chaffinch, the roe deer who run at dusk through the fields, and the kite that circles overhead ever looking for succulent quarry.

Make no mistake; our beautiful countryside is now under threat as never before; support and protect it, before it is too late.


Sara Daw