The Town Council’s ‘Keep the Sheep’ debate came close to farce

Written by Gerald Payne on .

I am writing this letter to say how much I appreciated the article entitled “The promise is that come Spring sheep will safely graze on Coopers Meadow - the way forward is now in the hands of lawyers.”

Not so much a three act play starring the town council but almost a farce. It would only have needed the missing chair of the Amenities and Open Spaces Committee to be found in the mayor’s dressing room to have made the farce complete.

I could not help noticing the attempt to airbrush ARK from Marlborough history much in the same way Stalin did with anyone who threatened him. I therefore wonder if the council does indeed feel threatened by anyone offering an alternative to their "rule".

Surely the council needs to become more professional and work in proper dialogue with all groups who have things to offer and may, dare I say, have more expertise than councillors’ in particular areas.

I believe we all want Marlborough to thrive and be a place we can ALL be proud of.
Gerald Payne
Savernake Crescent