Every Little Helps......

Written by Brian Rayment on .


I am one of the great cynics when it comes to modern day greed and lack of courtesies.  So it gives me pleasure to record a recent series of events that someway restored my faith in human nature.  Certainly on a local basis.

Each year the Kennet Valley Hall Committee in Lockeridge run a Christmas Bingo event.  Christmas Hampers are created as a result of volunteers collecting food and drink items from a house to house collection, and star prizes and raffle items are given by local restaurants and businesses.

This year, fifteen local volunteers either did the house to house collecting or helped on the night.  It is nice to note that most households were happy to give something, the result enabling some 24 hamper prizes of different sizes to be produced.

On top of that, the generosity and support provided by local businesses was truly amazing, and I must thank the 21 separate local businesses who contributed something.  The offerings ranged from a box of hand- made chocolates from Marlborough Confectioners, to a huge variety of meal vouchers from various pubs and restaurants, plus the now traditional offering of an electric toothbrush from Williams Dentists.  But this year, in addition, we had a very special contribution  -  from Tesco Marlborough, who were very happy to sponsor the event with a special star prize hamper and free mince pies for everyone.  A big thank you to Nick Helps the Tesco Manager who went out of his way to support the event.

So a variety of contributions from all parts of the local community helped to create a very special evening for the 100+ people attending.

Result?  A great community event and a profit of £901, which has provided the Hall Committee with funds to purchase a new commercial dishwasher at the hall.  Whilst writing about local contributions it is most appropriate to also thank the Marlborough Area Board for providing a further grant of £822 towards the total cost of the dishwasher.


Brian Rayment
Kennet Valley Hall Chairman