Every little helps (2)

Written by Nick Maurice on .


It was good to read from Brian Rayment of the money raised for the Kennet Valley Hall thanks to local generosity.

In a similar vein, thanks to the generosity of a large number of individuals in the Marlborough area and beyond who chose to donate to provide loans for individual entrepreneurs in Marlborough's Muslim link community of Gunjur in The Gambia, in place of giving Christmas presents to family members and friends, we raised over £1,100.

At this particular time when, for understandable reasons, Muslims generally are under a critical spotlight as a result of the appalling atrocities in Paris, it is good that we can maintain a crucial solidarity with our friends in Gunjur who show us such generosity when we visit their community by demonstrating a generosity of our own.

The money will go to young men and women who have come up with very original business ideas and which will increase employment and wealth in Gunjur and provide young people with a much needed sense of purpose. Read more on our website www.mbg.org developed thanks to the generosity of the Marlborough Area Board.


Nick Maurice
Marlborough Brandt Group