Salisbury Road Building Proposals - Invitation to join petition

Written by Sarah Daw on .

Crown Estates have begun to set out their table and we await the final application from them, no doubt due to be revealed soon.

It would seem that most of Marlborough are for houses being built on open countryside and good arable land, not to mention a hotel!  I, and a good few many people do not share that view, and firmly believe that the impact to our roads, infrastructure, doctor's surgery, schools etc, etc, will be considerable and long-reaching, and no, families will not use provided walkways in order to get to school, they will drive.

I did consult with a representative at the consultation regarding all these concerns, and he seemed to think simply throwing money at the problem would be enough, I do not.  The traffic through Cadley, especially during the afternoons, is already bad, with approx 220 new dwellings added into this mix, well just think of it!  

I also am very doubtful that these homes will be truly affordable to local people and especially the young, and I speak as a mother and grandmother, with some knowledge of how difficult this is.  Does all this make me a Nimby?  Well probably, and quite frankly I am proud to be one.  We are seeing unprecedented levels of building on greenfield sites, all across the country, without any real examination of brownfield sites, and the countryside and farmland is paying the ultimate price.

For me, and I know, many local people, it is the wildlife and farmland that concerns me, this land is in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and this is not a glib phrase, it truly is, just that, absolutely beautiful and home to many, many species of wildlife, I know, I see them daily and love them accordingly.  

So if I am a Nimby, then the backyard is the natural earth, open farmland that we desperately need to sustain us, and I am not afraid to stand up and protect it.  Will you join me? (click here)

Sara Daw