David Chandler's Column on the proposed Marlborough railway

Written by Kathe Ashley on .


On its Feb newsletter, Transition Marlborough calls David Chandler's Column (against the need for a railway from Marlborough) 'provocative'.  I read it as a sound, historically-based assessment from a man with some pedigree.

I think it is a ludicrous idea to resurrect a rail line from Marlborough.  The cost for what it would deliver to the few new users it might attract would not be viable.  I've seen the bus and how empty it is.  Perhaps a minibus at peak travel times would be a more efficient solution.  Transition should be able to sort that themselves.  Or what about a car sharing scheme for those without transport?  The rail service from Bedwyn is a luxury which I hope continues.  That is where we need to focus energy - on maintaining it.

On behalf of Transition Marl, John Yates' reply to David Chandler's Column states that  'Over 1,000 people responded to our six week consultation last year.  All but two were in support.' 

 I can only think that so few against it would indicate that the majority of us in the community did not feel the need to react to such a hair-brained scheme.


Kathe Ashley