Marlborough's Railway - closing lines

Written by David Chandler on .


I would like to respond to John Yates’ recent letter and also to thank Kathe Ashley for her letter of support.

I got the figure of £75,000 per passenger from Transition Marlborough’s own estimate (probably too optimistic) of £30 million and daily passenger numbers from Marlborough of 400.  I cannot see where this passenger number will come from and as I said before most of them will drive (as they do now) which will create the need for an eyesore of a car park on the edge of town.

Why cannot Transition Marlborough press for the more realistic aims of electrifying the line to Bedwyn and beyond and create a decent car park at Bedwyn, both of which enjoy a lot of local support ?

Why do they selfishly demand the expenditure of a large sum of money:  enough to build a few schools, drain the Somerset Levels etc ?

In John’s earlier letter he laments the channeling of funds by Wiltshire County Council for Trans Wilts railway services to Westbury, Trowbridge, Melksham, Chippenham and Swindon.  This is obviously because they already have railway stations.

Marlborough is like Calne, Devizes, Highworth, Cricklade and Malmesbury which used to be connected but could only be reconnected at enormous cost to the public purse.


David Chandler


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