Arrogant Ms Perry

Written by Bill Yates on .


It is depressing to read that the Conservative candidate in our constituency is unwilling to set out her views and policies on the MNO 'Elections' page.  This is hubris and arrogance that denies us the voters a local opportunity to sift and compare the policies of the different candidates.  It does Claire Perry no credit.

Unfortunately it compounds our sense of being disenfranchised by our obsolete 'first past the post' voting system.  

Ms Perry's 18,000 majority makes all minority voters irrelevant, and indeed renders many thouands of Tory voters irrelevant as well.  Their votes are not needed.  They are wasting their time going to the polling station.  It is time to change the voting system.

We are further disenfranchised when Ms Perry is appointed to a government job.  The convention is that she will not disagree with any aspect of government policy so there is no point in asking her to take a stand against any government position whether through signing an early day motion of perhaps abstaining on a controversial vote.

Ms Perry hides behind this convention in the cut and pasted pieces of government propaganda that we get in response to letters.

No wonder young people in particular are disengaged from politics.  This latest display of arrogance by Claire Perry is the sort of thing that stops democracy from working.


Bill Yates
Little Bedwyn