Development Plans for Barton Park and College Fields

Written by Peter May on .

I read the article by Tony Millett about the development of land adjacent to Barton Park and College Fields that would feature 100 houses and the new Preshute School.
The news of this proposed development did indeed "come to light" as Tony suggested - in other words it has been badly communicated (deliberately ???) to the chosen few - hopefully the story on Marlborough News Online has been read by many more. This is a major issue of concern to the local community.
I live in the area of the proposed development and can only comment on what has been said by the people who I know that are aware of the plans. Everyone of them is vehemently opposed to any plans for further houses and a school. The consequences of such a development on lives and the area would be horrendous. On the northern boundary of the current estate,  houses adjoining the development land will have a school and 100 further homes at the end of their back gardens. Houses living along the spine road through College Fields and Barton Park will see hundreds more cars travelling through the existing estate - some belonging to their new neighbours and many to the parents dropping their children off at and collecting them from the new school.  The development will have a detrimental effect on everyone on the current Barton Parks and College Fields developments.  Further, an AONB will be decimated as a consequence.
Marlborough College is the driving force behind these plans and in a manner that is unusually altruistic for this major power in the Town, they claim the sale of the land they own is for the good of the community, pupils of Preshute not to mention of course their own bank balance. Clearly impoverished and struggling to make ends meet, we are told the College needs funds to develop new facilities. If the College really believed that they wanted to help Preshute School, perhaps they could give up one of their many cricket pitches to the north of the College and allow the new Preshute school to be built there ?!! That would be very community-minded.
These plans are clearly well developed and have been put together behind closed doors with the College and Wiltshire Council colluding for the benefit of each other. But what of the residents who are as yet unheard? Hopefully this letter will spark some action as will the attached letterI have sent to the Chair of the Town Council Planning Committee who appears to have already nailed her colours well and truly to the new School and Houses mast.
Marlborough is a quiet community but I feel a rebellion in the air.

Peter May