A plea for some plans to ease Marlborough's traffic problems

Written by Steve Coppard on .

I would like to know what strategic plans are in hand to ease the atrocious traffic conditions that blight Marlborough High Street.
Some suggestions:

Rigorous traffic enforcement - perhaps by employing more traffic wardens?
The MOP fair should be moved to another location i.e. the common (- appreciate sanctioned  by Act of Parliament - local MP to vigorously  pursue via Parliament at behest of council). For the purists out there the Common is the perfect location.
Double yellow lines to be painted along College Fields to stop cars parking causing further congestion - It seems that before we know it the cars will be parking on Morris Road - in order to avoid parking charges.
Consideration to making College Fields-Morris Road a 20 mile zone - to deter traffic using as a rat trap due to congestion in High Street during rush hour.

Without a doubt Marlborough College adds to the gridlock of the High Street which will become even more dire once the new bespoke 'Marlborough College' pedestrian crossing is in operation...rather surprising as I was unaware it was an accident black spot!   

I wonder if any of these issues are high on the local MP's/Councillors' manifestos?

Or is it simply me!

Steve Coppard