Environment Hustings in Pewsey - a lost opportunity

Written by Mike Bishop on .


I attended my first Hustings meeting on 23rd in Pewsey on the vital subject of the Environment.

The absence of Claire Perry was a pity, as this might have been construed as hubris and disrespect to the other candidates.

The discussion did not accurately identify the reality and urgency of the threat from Climate Change.  There seemed some disbelief in the evidence presented by the world’s  leading Climate experts for the Intergovernmental Committee for Climate Change, and inaccuracy in interpretation of the fact that atmospheric temperature rise has plateaued over the last decade.  

The true situation being that climate is a system currently out of balance, and global warming continues, with most of the heat energy currently being adsorbed by the oceans.  This is causing the clearly seen reduction in the polar ice caps and retraction of glaciers.  This is all caused by the rise in greenhouse gases, especially CO2, now at an unprecedented level of 400ppm, unseen for a least 800,000yrs.  The extreme weather consequences and sea level rise threaten our planet and are neglected at our peril.

For the sake of future generations basic security we need determined and concerted political will to address the crisis and keep  the temperature rise to a max. of 2deg C.  The information is out there for our leaders, and their parties must listen, let us give this message through our votes, and  a ” green” voice will not be a waste!


Mike Bishop
West Overton