What general election?

Written by Peter Morgan on .

There is a general election in a few days. Here in Manton Hollow and in Manton generally, we haven't had a single candidate or canvasser come to our doors. We've had one or two leaflets, but nobody has actually tried to convince us face to face they are worth voting for.
As far as I am aware, there has been but one public hustings to about 150 voters in Marlborough about 2 weeks ago, but otherwise there has been no opportunity for mainstream Marlborough voters to gauge first hand the suitability of candidates.

The candidates attended what appears to be a private hustings to 400 College students last week, an event that appears to have been generally barred to public voters in the election. What do we 'commoners' think of that?

If we had realised the remarkable restriction on accessibility to the candidates earlier, we would have invited all of them to Manton Village Hall to set out their stalls - and we would have provided a postcode so they could find Manton.
The most disappointing thing for all voters in the Marlborough area is that gaining our votes appears not worthy of any effort, whatever our leaning. It would have been encouraging to observe that the Westminster candidates at least showed real passion and commitment to winning in this constituency. But no. We get so little, except perhaps being taken for granted.

It is the single most potent piece of evidence for justifying a 'spoiled' vote box on the ballot paper and why election turn-outs are always disappointing.
Maybe here in Manton it's time we learned from the progress of the SNP and launched a campaign for the independent state of Preshute.  We would build our own MIU and a new school. We would send our children to Uni fee-free, invite Ed Sheeran to play at Mantonfest and Waitrose to open a shop near the Outside Chance.

Then, following the SNP lead, we would get the Westminster government to pick up the debt. Sounds good to me.

Peter Morgan
Manton Hollow