Marlborough traffic - a response to Steve Coppard’s letter

Written by Peter May on .

I want to respond to Steve Coppard's excellent letter of 24th April regarding the growing traffic problems we face in Marlborough. The congestion now is obvious to all and the levels of pollution in the Town are well above EU guidelines. The addition of the College's new £60,000 College-funded Puffin crossing on the Bath Road (by the Arts Centre) will not help the situation - as traffic along Bath Road from the west, traffic from the High Street and traffic from Pewsey Road all now converge on the mini roundabout and adjacent crossing. How long before that short stretch of road becomes the accident black spot Steve talks about?
And all of this before we add 220 houses and even more cars at the Salisbury Road development and the 160-220 houses (not 100 as has been mis-reported) and school at Barton Park/College Fields that the College wants to develop. Barton Park, College Fields and Morris Road residents had better get ready for a vehicle invasion if the College submissions to Wiltshire Council are allowed to proceed. Incidentally, with regard to the College's submission to the Council to develop the land north of and running parallel to Barton Park, College Fields and Barton Dene, check out the Wiltshire Council web site and have a read of what has been submitted. It is all there if you look hard enough.
Marlborough is in danger of being swamped by houses and drowned by cars. Our landscape and skyline are under threat, the AONB risks being consumed by houses, and our streets will be filled with more and more polluting cars. The College and Wiltshire Council have a lot to answer for.

Peter May