Marlborough roads

Written by David Prosser on .


I wanted to ask when and if Wiltshire Council intends to repair the roads in Marlborough which are in a terrible state.

The Salisbury road up to Tesco is dangerous.  Travelling north towards the mini roundabout junction with London Road feels as though you’re on a mop fair ride with the car bobbing up and down like a jack in a box.  What it's doing to the body let alone the car could prove to be an interesting piece of medical research.

Also London Road going East from the mini roundabout to the Roebuck is in desperate  need of repair as is The Parade which looks like we have returned to the Second World War after a bombing raid.

Please please Wiltshire Council take some action and do the job. Somebody riding a bike will get killed with the roads in this state of repair and will you take responsibility when this happens?


David Prosser