Bus services to be slashed as Wiltshire Council cuts go deeper

Written by Terry Chivers on .


The residents of Wiltshire should be made aware that we could be only months away from seeing cuts to our bus network.  Not only in Wiltshire but right the way across the UK, the Conservative government are looking to slash funding to Council supported bus routes, not only in rural areas, but urban areas.

In Wiltshire Council will be looking to make several million pounds worth of savings, with will mean no bus route that is funded by the Council is safe.  Clearly the first services to go will be Sunday, and evening services but the cuts will be much deeper than that.

It’s such a pity that Conservative Councillors, not only on Wiltshire Council refuse to stand up to the masters, in Whitehall, which means the residents of Wilshire will be left without any form of public transport.

Once gain the less able and the elderly will be hit, so many village shops have been forced to close to sky high businesses rates, and very few villages now have a Post Office.

Local bus services are the only opportunity that many local people have to get out and socialise with others.  It’s time to say to our local Conservative Members of Parliament enough is enough.


Councillor Terry Chivers
Independent Melksham Without North
Wiltshire County Council