High Street closure for the Jazz Festival is a must

Written by Margie Jackson on .



We noticed in the Press that there was some controversy about the closing on Saturday afternoon and evening of the High Street outside Pino's restaurant for the Jazz Festival, which took place so successfully on last weekend.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the planning process, we felt very strongly that the closure was totally correct.

Apart from reducing the relentless flow of traffic along the High Street, the closure enabled a wonderful atmosphere in the area, and seemed to be universally popular amongst all the persons we spoke to.

Having heard that a number of people would like to have the whole closure consigned to the dustbin, we have to ask if those same people want to stop the free performances we enjoyed so much from many local bands.  Do they really want to stop people from watching the Ramsbury Silver Band, the KV Brass, the Marlborough Big Band and several others?

We think the people who want to stop this are Scrooges, plain and simple, and challenge them to have the courage to say who they are in public, so we may debate their attitudes with them!

We hope that the closure will continue next year and perhaps even be expanded.


Margie Jackson