Response to Dr Nick Maurice on the subject of migration

Written by Roger Mallett on .


Regarding the recent column concerning migration submitted by Dr Nick Maurice, I would like to challenge a point he made.  Right at the end he states:  `...and let`s not forget that without the immigrants to this country every service within our country would collapse`. 

This was a hugely contentious point to make, and one which I firmly believe is false. 

Regarding the NHS for example, immigration like many things is good in moderation.  However, the spasmodic recruitment of nurses from overseas is anything but.  What we are experiencing is an age old culture of mass recruitment from third world countries, to make up for the self imposed shortfalls at home. 

The Labour years saw a boom in immigration, up to 12,000 a year, but this stemmed from a cut in training places by the Major government and increasing care needs. This government is again cutting training places.  The lessons sadly have not been learned.

Quite simply, the only way for the UK to regain control over its own health service workforce is by training more nurses from this country. 

37,000 potential nursing students were turned away last year.  This proves that there are people who want to embark on a nursing career. 

The NHS should not be in a position in having to rely on overseas recruitment.


Roger Mallett,