The Town Council and its housing

Written by Rachel Rosedale on .


I was not at the Town Council Meeting on Monday, September 7 at which the future of houses owned by the Town Council was discussed, but it sounded confused and uncivilised.

Until recently I was not aware that the Town Council owned residential properties, and I expect I am not alone in this. I presume that if Marlborough citizens were in need of accommodation they could apply, or be on, a waiting list should a property become available.

I was concerned to learn that there was an issue over their management and rent reviews and heard that a tenant had discovered on the media - not through the council - that it was proposed the rents might be put up by up to a totally disproportionate amount of 40 per cent.

This matter came to my notice through a member of MAPAG (Marlborough Area Poverty Action Group) and was taken up by another. I am disturbed that our Council has behaved so badly. It has not reflected well on Marlborough as a town.

I would hope that all options for their management have been considered, including registering them as social housing or designating them as Affordable Housing.

In a town with little affordable housing I would hope the town would value these an affordable housing resource and that a just solution is found.


Rachel Rosedale
Convenor of MAPAG