Readers’ broadband issues

Written by Matthew Lavis on .

For a number of years we have been with Talk Talk for our broadband.

In early September we received a letter from them stating they were no longer providing a service to rural customers. At the same time we had been informed that Superfast fibre broadband was now available in the village, so I found a new provider with a good customer service rating at a reasonable price via a cost comparison website, postcode and phone number were both checked to see that we were eligible, which we were.

A date was set for a change over and an engineer came out to swop over the wires in the green box down in the village.

The engineer came out on the said date and made the connection unfortunately he said there was a fault on the line and reported it to BT; another appointment was made for the engineer to come out and fix the problem.

The outcome was that because we are more than 2km from the green box in the village a booster would have to be put along the line at some stage in the future but until then we had to stay on normal broadband.