'Overbuilding in Rural Communities' - copy of an e-mail to Claire Perry MP

Written by MIchael Porter on .


The following email was sent to Claire Perry and Margaret Rose on 3 November 2015

Dear Ms. Perry

In case you were not aware, one of your fellow MP's, Alec Shelbrooke, PPS to the Pensions Minister, has stated that councils were allowing developers to ignore brownfield sites and to build inappropriate developments on the edges of rural habitations in towns and villages across the country.

In the Commons he said:  "Don't give us death by a thousand cuts when you are adding and doubling the size of villages in (his) area with absolutely no infrastructure improvements."

Mr Shelbrooke has summarised exactly what I and many of your constituents are complaining about in Marlborough.  Do you agree with his succinct summary of this very real threat, and if so, may I ask exactly what action is being taken to avert this very worrying state of affairs?

I am sending a copy of this email to Margaret Rose, the Marlborough Town Mayor.

Yours sincerely

Michael Porter