The Town Council is very concerned about the fate of Sure Start

Written by Marian Hannaford-Dobson on .


I was a little concerned to read the article published on Marlborough News Online on the discussion at the Town Council meeting on Monday evening about the Sure Start building.  It is of course regrettable and of great concern that this very good service to the young mothers of our town is in danger of being lost to Marlborough.

I am sure that the recording of the meeting will confirm that when I seconded the proposal on Monday I said that "The young Mothers were appealing against the decision of Wiltshire Council and we can only hope that they are successful" or words very like that.   The published article seemed to imply that the Town Council were not concerned about the fate of the Sure Start Centre.  This I can assure is far from the truth.   

Unfortunately time and tide wait for no man and if the Town Council do not express an interest at an early stage in these publicly owned buildings they are in danger of coming out of public ownership altogether and being lost to the town completely.

Councillor Dobson did at Monday's meeting put forward this point and say that there are many and varied establishments or groups that might do the same as Marlborough Town Council and could apply for this and the other publicly owned building that we also expressed an interest in on Monday night.

I feel that the article did not seem to reflect the fact the Town Council as a whole feel very concerned about what is happening to public buildings in our town.  

I also feel that I must point out that these are the deliberations and decisions of the County Council and we, at Marlborough Town Council can only hope to mitigate and perhaps soften the effects of this policy on our town by keeping these buildings in public ownership.


Councillor Marian Hannaford-Dobson