Wiltshire bus subsidy consultation: Councillor urges people to defend county's bus services

Written by Terry Chivers on .

Is there no local service that this government, and their Conservative Councilors are intending to cut to the bone? From Jan12 to April 4 next year Wiltshire Council will be carrying out a public consultation on subsidised bus services

At the moment Wiltshire Council are spending £5.1 million pounds, on subsidised bus services. Most evening and Sunday services are supported by the Council along with many day-time and town services.

The plan is to cut bus services right across the county, a move that I will not be supporting, as it will mean many local communities losing vital services.

It’s disappointing that the final decision on what is to be cut will be made by out of touch Councillors, who may have not set foot on a bus for years.  At a recent meeting, I was shocked when a Conservative Councillor suggested withdrawing free transport for children over 3 miles from school, suggesting they could walk to school over the fields.

I would urge everyone who cares about public transport, to take part in the consultation, and lobby their local Wiltshire Councillor to try and protect these vital services.
Councillor Terry Chivers