Parking woes: Marlborough charges go up but the service goes down

Written by Marcus Winocour on .

I see that the parking charges have risen by nine per cent for the first hour. What do we get for this?
I'll tell you two things we don't get:

1. Clean signs:  Have you seen the state of the signs in and around the town? An absolute disgrace - especially the signs for the parking charges. In fact I am going to clean the ones local to me after I've written this.
2. Useable ticket machines:  There always seem to be at least two meters out of use at any one time - I have seen four out of use before now. It doesn't help when there are two out in the centre of the town and people have to walk 150 meters to
the nearest machine.  And it's very often tourists who're affected and don't know where the other meters are.

Why has the meter next to The Mustard Seed behind Waitrose been out of use for almost a year? I am guessing that there is more to it than meets the eye.
Marcus Winocour